Art Alive - Augmented Art

Recently, Gerry began developing Augmented Reality solutions for the classroom, individuals, and historic locations. "The future is now, and once devices like Google Glass and other wearables hit consumers, the Augmented Reality revolution will begin to truly impact our world, not only in art and education, but in countless other areas of our lives; the space between us and our content will slowly disappear. It is time we put the power of augmented and mixed reality in the hands of the individual and unleash the potential of those tiny mobile supercomputers we all carry around in our pockets."

So, the evolution of mixed and augmented reality in Gerry's work ultimately blossomed into his art. He has begun augmenting his paintings and sculptures.

An augmented piece comes to life right before the eyes of the viewer. By using a mobile device such as a smart phone, Hololens, or some other virtual or augmented reality viewer like the Oculus or Google Glass, the art can breath and move with the viewer, animations and other art mingle on the canvas. "The art becomes interactive, so now the viewer can participate in its creation. All one needs to do is look."

Stay tuned this fall for Gerry's upcoming show, Art Alive, which will feature some of his augmented work.